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Cable Internet: An In-Depth Look

Cable internet access is correctly defined as any form of network communications which uses existing CATV infrastructure as the carrier medium. This is because television signals use only a small portion of the coaxial wire’s capacity or bandwidth. To make the most out of the fence, digital signals are transmitted with the television signals. Read more about Multi-peering IP Transit here.

These signals are then unscrambled and separated upon reaching the user, with the TV signal going to the television and the digital signals going to the computer. Thus, it is analogous to digital subscriber line (DSL), except that the role of CATV wires, in this case, is taken by pre-existing telephone lines.

Cable internet is a more attractive option for most of us since it offers better speeds than DSL at the same price. This is primarily attributed to the fact that CATV coaxial wires can provide higher bandwidth … Read More